Augment Reality (AR)

Augmented Reality (Via iPhone) 

Augmented Reality (Via iPhone) 

Have you ever watched, The movie, Harry Potter? I haven't it wasn't too popular growing up! But I did see a 30 second clip of the movie on a preview and I definitely remember seeing augmented reality. (View below)

They always said what happens in movies comes to real life! In this case its absolutely true. 

Augmented reality, is a visual enhancement technology based on still image or object being viewed via an augmented reality recognition hardware/device, such as smart phone, pads, VR glasses, and futurist predict soon we'll have augmented contacts. Spooky right? Yes I know!  

Imagine walking around with contacts on and when you view a billboard it turns to a commercial! Crazy! We'll have to have privacy settings for Eyewear! Wow! Nice! !  

Nonetheless, I have a lot more to say about the market but, what the hell else would you have to Google search about! Read up on AR aka augmented reality. It's a market place that has been around for a few years but it's finally becoming accessible to everyday people.   

You will hear more about this from us for sure


iOT aka "The Internet of Things"

First there was the "tech wearables" craze, that is still emerging; now it's the iOT(Internet of Things) Boom.  

My wife was reading an article to me (Outloud!) and she read the term "Internet of Things", and then I went on a tech rant about the internet of things. While speaking to wifey about it, I was multi-tasking and reading updates on the windows os developers' page and right there on the home screen was "iOT" again!  So then my iOT rant turned up x10, I just went on and on about this money making iOT frenzy.  "This s*** is everywhere... Rasberry Pi this, blah blah blah blah that", "You use a rasberry pi to make iOT devices, blah blah blah."  "Remember the hackathon we won last year with the mayor of LA and intel at rhubarb studios and blah blah blah blah blah, etc." I went on and on. She's a good wife, she always listens!

Nonetheless, everyone should get very familiar with the term iOT because its here to stay!  From our wireless headseats, to rokus, apple tvs, floating speakers, nest, refrigerators, and etc. This iOT madness is projected to be a 1.9 Trillion dollar market by the year 2020. That's some serious paper, by the way Samsung just poured 1.2 Billie into the iOT marketplace.

Picking up a skill or two in the market wouldn't hurt you!  Read up on it! 

iOT Industry (click here)